Coronation Street: Caz to get caught next week?

Aidan spots her and Kate entices her back to the Street - but will it be enough to get Maria released?


Caz Hammond’s manipulative ways and mysterious disappearance have led to Maria being charged with her attempted murder. It seemed for a while as though there was no way out for the beleaguered hairdresser, but that may set to change next week in Coronation Street when Aidan spies Caz working in a factory and her ex-girlfriend Kate entices her back to the street. Are the authorities about to close in on her?


Early on in the week, Kirk tells Aidan that Liam is really missing his mummy. Aidan resolves to take action to speed up Maria’s release and meets with an expert solicitor and asks him to take on the case – but is he risking his business and his family in the process?

A couple of days later, Aidan does the rounds of some old business contacts in the hope of earning some new contracts. As he arrives at a nearby factory, he’s stunned to see Caz hurrying in on her way to work!

Desperate to confront her, he blags his way onto the shop floor of the factory and keeps his eyes peeled.

Caz spots him and immediately flees the scene through the fire exit, with Aidan in hot pursuit.

He loses her but calls the police to tell them she’s alive and that he’s seen her. Later in the week, Kate finds a credit card statement with a transaction for a camera and finally comes to her senses, realising Caz’s game. She knows that her ex is watching everything on a hidden camera.

Kate then stages a conversation with a bewildered Aidan, telling him she is still in love with Caz and wishes she could just see her one more time. He thinks she’s lost the plot but Kate knows that Caz has overheard everything.

The trap works and Caz is lured back to Maria’s flat. Admitting to Kate that she’s been eavesdropping, she tells her that she loves her too and wants them to run away together and start a new life. Kate plays along, acting her socks off, but secretly calls Aidan.

But when Caz leans in for a kiss and Kate can’t help but recoil, it becomes clear to Caz that she’s been tricked.

Will Aidan arrive with the police before Caz has a chance to leg it? Or will she make her escape? And what implications does all of this have for Maria?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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