Emmerdale: Brenda’s dodgy beauty products give the villagers a nasty shock

The knock-off face cream is bringing in cash for the Christmas lights – but will she stop selling it?


With Brenda needing money to replace the church Christmas lights, Liv has persuaded her to buy knock-off makeup online and sell it at a marked up price. Next week in Emmerdale, though, the results of Brenda’s new beauty enterprise become all too apparent on the faces of those she’s sold products to…and it isn’t pretty!


Carly can’t bear to watch Brenda failing to sell any make-up and she eventually agrees to show her how it’s done. But Carly will be left fearing that she’s created a monster when Brenda refuses to stop selling the dodgy items.


Things go from bad to worse when Marlon, who is concerned about his ageing skin, uses some of Brenda’s face cream. It doesn’t have the desired effect, and instead of looking rejuvenated he comes out in an angry rash. As a result Carly warns Brenda to stop with the sales patter

Later in the week, Bob overhears Megan asking Brenda for more face cream. Suspicious, he asks his wife what she’s up to. She’s seriously worried that she’ll be sent to prison for flogging unsafe beauty products. However, Bob and Brenda can’t help but descend into fits of giggles when Rhona and Pierce turn up with itchy, irritated skin all over their faces.

Will the whole of Emmerdale village have to come out in hives before Brenda stops her dodgy dealings?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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