EastEnders: Masood discovers Zainab’s big secret – but will they get back together?

Will Masood exit in order to reunite with his ex-wife?


Is Masood going to reunite with Zainab? It’s the big question that all EastEnders fans will want answering tonight after Masood was seen getting in touch with his ex-wife following the break-up of her current marriage.


This evening’s episode of the BBC1 soap saw Denise receive a telephone call from old work buddy Zainab, who broke the news that she and her husband had split up.

Despite a promise not to spread the news any further, Denise ended up telling Masood, who was initially seen revelling in the schadenfreude of his former wife experiencing marital difficulties.


But following a heart to heart with his current love interest Belinda, Masood decide to ring Zainab in order to sort out his true feelings.

Striking a supportive tone, Masood was then seen lending a supportive ear to Zainab, just as Belinda was deciding to leave the Square to go on a road trip to Italy!

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Masood decide to Walford in the light of what’s going on with Zainab – but will he be heading to Pakistan for a reunion?


All we can say is that Denise will do her best to talk Masood out of his plan, worried that he’ll be making a big fool out of himself. 

Masood’s final day in E20 will then see him say a prayer by Zaair’s tree and bid farewell to friends including Kush. But as Denise makes a last-ditch attempt to get him to stay, she and Masood end up having a heated argument. 

Can the two of them make amends before he leaves? Or is there to be an air of acrimony hanging around Masod’s exit?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below


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