EastEnders airs Belinda Slater’s final scenes – Carli Norris leaves the cast of the BBC1 soap

Belinda decided to leave Albert Square behind in tonight's episode


Carli Norris’s final appearance as Belinda Slater has been broadcast in tonight’s EastEnders.


Luckless Belinda – who had recently split from her husband and was currently struggling with her failing business at the salon – decided to leave Walford behind in order to embark on a road trip.

The catalyst for Belinda’s departure proved to be her 41st birthday and a non-starter of a relationship with Masood, who was seen wrestling with feelings for his ex-wife Zainab.


Opting to exit, Belinda threw in her lot with childhood friend Maggie and set out on a drive to Italy with £500 to her name. 

With a cry of “to the future!”, Belinda sped away from the Square, leaving a flabbergasted Stacey and Martin in her wake.

The episode marked the end of Carli Norris’s stint on the BBC1 soap, the actress having taken over the role of Belinda from Leanne Lakey earlier this year.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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