Home and Away: Phoebe kisses Justin, plus Caroline tells Duncan the truth about her illness

14-18 November 2016: And Kat and Ash struggle to keep their relationship a secret


Monday 14 November


Justin is determined to win Phoebe back and turns to Brody for help. Caroline reveals to Roo that she has Huntington’s disease but insists that Duncan cannot find out. Hunter decides on a new path and asks Olivia to join him on a gap year. With a tasty new signature dish ready for the menu, Brody is stunned when a famous food critic comes into Salt. 

Tuesday 15 November

Caroline finally reveals to Duncan that she has Huntington’s disease. The Morgans worry that a review about Brody’s restaurant could expose the family. Olivia and Hunter face resistance to their gap year plan. Kat is drawn back to Ash when she learns that he bought drugs for Caroline in order to help her medicate. 

Wednesday 16 November

When Nate finds out that Billie changed her conception date on the hospital computer system, he is furious and takes matters into his own hands. After hooking up again, Kat and Ash find it hard to hide the truth from Phoebe and Billie. Zac continues to lie to Leah about his whereabouts. 

Thursday 17 November

Nate gives Billie until the end of the day to tell VJ the truth about the baby. When Matt tries to take a firmer line with Ellie, she and Raffy come up with a plan to get him off her back. Tori warns Hope and Raffy that Decker may have brain damage when they take him off life support. 


Friday 18 November

The Morgans are divided over Decker’s deteriorating condition. Matt’s attempt to teach Ellie a lesson unwittingly reveals his true feelings for Evelyn. After Justin tells Raffy that the Morgans will be there for her no matter what happens to Decker, she tries to persuade Hope to stay in Summer Bay.