Hollyoaks: where have the Osbornes gone?

Shock scenes in tonight's episode saw the entire family vanish!


The Hollyoaks Halloween-week shocks have continued with tonight’s first-look E4 episode, which featured the disappearance of the entire Osborne family!


Fans have been left desperate for answers following Cindy Cunningham’s discovery of a deserted Osborne house, with food still on the table, a pan boiling on the hob and a smashed family photograph on the floor.

As viewers know, patriarch Jack Osborne is harbouring a sinister secret about his brother Billy, who spent decades in prison, seemingly because of Jack.


Billy’s daughter Eva, meanwhile, has been out for revenge on Jack for denying her a life with her father and tried to trick her boyfriend, Liam Donovan into killing him.

Liam persuaded Eva to call off her manhunt, but she quickly resumed her vendetta when she saw Jack lay a wreath in the river on the day of Billy’s funeral.


Tonight’s drama saw the Osbornes about to start dinner when Jack received a phone call warning him that someone was on their way to kill him. Meanwhile, Eva was marching over to the family home to carry out her deadly deed.


The big question now is whether Jack, Frankie, Darren, Nancy et al managed to escape or did Eva get to them first?