Emmerdale: Belle’s return is wrecked when Zak reveals his big secret

Zak's confession puts a damper on Belle's homecoming


Belle Dingle will return to the village next week in Emmerdale, but her plan to stay with her dad Zak is short-lived. Shock scenes will see Zak make a shock confession, the result of which sees Belle moving out and going to live with Lisa.


The drama unfolds after Belle surprises Jermaine and Joanie with the news that she’s coming home and intends to stay with Zak at Dale Head. Belle’sworried that Lisa won’t approve of her staying with her dad, but he assures that he’s spoken to her about is.

Meanwhile, Jermaine agrees to give their relationship another go when Belle tells him that she doesn’t want to mess things up again. After he jokingly reintroduces himself, the pair plan a fresh start.

Later in the week, Joanie and Zak will be seen sitting the kids down to try and explain Belle’s mental illness to them. They don’t take the news well and Amelia freaks Kyle out. Joanie worries that he might now be wary of Belle, but Zak reassures her that he’ll be fine once he spends some time with her.

Belle is then left saddened when she realises that Kyle is afraid of her and tries to convince him there’s nothing to be scared of. Things go from bad to worse, though, when the kids fashion metal hats to protect themselves from Belle’s voices. Zak shouts at them, but Belle explains that it was making Kyle feel better and reprimands her dad for telling them off.

Belle insists that Zak has to be honest with her from now on, but she isn’t expecting what he confesses next…

Emmerdale bosses are remaining tight lipped about what it is that Zak reveals, but it’s enough to make Belle decide that she can’t possibly live with him anymore. Could it be anything to do with the shock kiss that Zak recently shared with Lisa?

In any case, Zak insists that he’s happy with Joanie and pleads with Belle to forget what he told her. She agrees not to reveal all to Joanie but goes ahead with moving out. And Joanie is left shocked to learn that Belle is going to live at Wishing Well.

So ow will Belle deal with having to keep this secret? And will Joanie’s suspicions be raised by her moving out so suddenly?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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