EastEnders: Libby decides to stay in Walford following baby shock

But will her fears about Denise be allayed?


Fox family relations look set to get strained next week on EastEnders following the surprise return of Denise’s daughter Libby.


Viewers can expect to see Denise’s discomfort grow when she’s forced to reveal all about her pregnancy, especially when Libby visibly struggles to come to terms with the news.


Despite Kim’s efforts to get mother and daughter back on friendly terms, Libby remains worried and admits her fears to Denise, who reassures her that everything’s going to be fine.

Libby then takes it upon herself to nag her mum about her unhealthy habits, all of which leaves Denise frustrated that she’s interfering so much in the pregnancy.

Later, after Libby confides in Kathy about her misgivings, she’s reminded that Kathy had Ben at an older age. But when Libby sees how rude Ben is, she doesn’t feel so reassured and ends up turning to Donna for advice. After a pep talk, Libby eventually decides to prepare a healthy and nutritious meal for her mum.


By the end of the week, Libby will have dropped the bombshell news on her nearest and dearest that she’s decided to remain in Albert Square in order to help with the baby. But will she be able to put her qualms to one side? Or will Denise and Libby remain at loggerheads over the emotive issue?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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