Coronation Street: Clayton found guilty of Kylie’s murder!

Meanwhile Anna’s loved ones come to terms with the extent of her injuries


David may have tried to take the law into his own hands in dramatic episodes of Coronation Street last week but Clayton’s murder trial reached its conclusion in tonight’s episode, when the jury found him guilty.


The episode began with Anna still unconscious in hospital after suffering horrific burns to her legs. A doctor explained to Kevin and Gary that not only will she have to come to terms with her appearance and practice learning to walk again but there may also be mental scars in the form of flashbacks or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Kevin feels helpless and is furious with David.

Over at the Platts, Gail is surprised when David tells her he’s going to hear the verdict. He assures her that he’s not planning anything, saying: “After yesterday do you really think I’m going to do anything crazy?” They both head to court where they meet Gemma, Eva and Craig.

Waiting for the jury to reach a decision at court, Gail worries about how David will take it if they don’t get the verdict they are hoping for. The foreman of the jury finally announced the guilty verdict, much to the relief of Kylie’s friends and family. “It’s over” says Gail. Macca, however, stands up and shouts “He’s just a kid! We’ll get you out, Clay”.

Back at the hospital, Robert has gone to visit Anna and announce that the crash wasn’t the simple accident they all think it was. Moments before, Sarah comes in to tell them that Clayton has been found guilty and Robert decides against it.

While Kirk, Gemma and Craig raise a toast to Kylie at the pub, Gail comforts David and reminds him that he has his whole life ahead of him.

Now that Clayton has been found guilty will David finally get the closure he’s been searching for? And will the Platt family be able to keep the real motivation behind David’s ‘accident’ and Anna’s injuries a secret?

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