Emmerdale: Cain dumps Charity – and refuses to leave! Watch the full scene

See the pivotal break-up moment right here first


Charity’s world will fall apart in next week’s Emmerdale when Cain breaks up with her and refuses to move to France – and you can see the pivotal scene right here first!


Says actor Jeff Hordley: “It’s a bolt from the blue. For Cain, it’s this sudden moment of clarity where he says to himself, ‘what am I doing in this car with Charity? I should be back with Moira.’

“It’s a moment of epiphany where he realises that he’s making a really bad decision. He knows his heart is back in Emmerdale with his ex-wife.”


So does Cain feel guilty about stringing Charity along in such a fashion? “Of course! He feels terrible for what he’s done. But it’s like someone has thrown an ice-cold bucket of water over him and said, ‘do you know what you’re doing?'”

Charity will be seen begging Cain not to go before warning him that he’ll never see either her or Debbie ever again. But Cain doesn’t turn around as he walks away, leaving Charity a broken woman…


You can watch the clip from Thursday’s episode below. And visit our dedicated Emmerdale page for all the latest news, interviews and spoilers.