Emmerdale: Rhona has a heart attack – here’s what happens next!

Expect Rhona's issues with painkillers to resurface in the near future


Rhona Goskirk looks set to face a troubled road to recovery following her heart attack in tonight’s episode of Emmerdale.


Viewers learned of Rhona’s condition thanks to a conversation between Pierce and Paddy, during which it was revealed that she’d lost too much blood and had been rushed to intensive care after suffering a heart attack.

And cliffhanger scenes saw medics later inform them that Rhona had experienced a post-operative haemorrhage, which resulted in her being taken back into theatre.

While fans now know that Rhona survives the ordeal (she was glimpsed in the ‘fast forward’ scene at James Barton’s graveside), it seems that the repercussions of the injuries sustained during the recent multi-car pile-up will be far reaching.

“Rhona has a history with painkillers, so her road to recovery might be a little tricky,” said Zoe Henry, referencing her character’s previous addiction to pills. “And, of course, Paddy is very good at dealing with Rhona’s issues, whereas Pierce finds them difficult to understand. So you’ll see Pierce getting annoyed with the situation.”

As for whether Rhona will reconcile with Paddy in the wake of what’s happened to them, Henry had this to say: “I think Paddy is the love of Rhona’s life. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that she should be with him.”

And it seems that Dominic Brunt – who plays Paddy – is in no hurry to see his character’s rivalry with Pierce come to an end. Said the actor: “We’re quite liking the whole nemesis thing. It’s good fun to play.”

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