Home and Away: Spike kidnaps Hope, while Olivia is cyber-bullied

24-28 October 2016: And Mason cannot hide his feelings for Evelyn and tells her the truth


Monday 24 October


Brody struggles to reconcile his memories of his mother when he discovers the truth about her secret past. Justin patrols outside the address that Decker gave Phoebe, and is attacked by a woman who reveals herself to be Decker’s niece. Evie reacts angrily when Mason tells her that he wants to take their relationship to the next level. 

Tuesday 25 October

The Morgans battle to save the life of the man who holds the key to their family’s past. Caroline reveals to Roo that she still has feelings for Duncan and is willing to fight to get him back. Spike turns up at the hospital and gains entry to Decker’s room. 

Wednesday 26 October

Zac and Leah each struggle privately with being apart from each other. Duncan confronts Caroline about speaking to Tori behind his back, but Tori is rattled and is adamant that she will not be the ‘other woman’. Feeling stuck ever since Hannah’s death, Chris decides to leave Summer Bay. 

Thursday 27 October

Chris tries to leave the Bay without saying goodbye, but is touched when Irene throws him a goodbye party. Mason finds it hard to hide his true feelings for Evelyn and tells her that he wants them to be something more. Hunter finally works up the courage to ask Olivia out. 


Friday 28 October

Olivia is messaged by a girl claiming to be a victim of Kirk Sheppard, the man who abused her. After questioning, she reveals that she is Kirk himself, and threatens to expose Olivia with a video he claims to have . Meanwhile, Hunter becomes suspicious of Olivia’s strange behaviour and suspects that Tabitha is somehow involved.