Emmerdale kills off Holly Barton in shock twist!

Actress Sophie Powles has bowed out in dramatic style


Holly Barton has been killed off in surprise scenes just broadcast in tonight’s episodes of Emmerdale.


The character was revealed to have died of a heroin overdose after mum Moira was seen struggling to wake her from what she thought was merely sleep.

Holly’s death came as a complete shock to viewers, especially seeing as she’d only been seen this week embarking on a relationship with fellow villager Jai Sharma.

No indication had been given from the ITV soap that the character of Holly would lose her life in this evening’s double bill, although actress Sophie Powles had been reported to have recently filmed her final scenes.

A source recently told the Sun: “[Powles] has already filmed her final scenes which are being kept under wraps. “Her leaving the show is seen as one of the big storylines of the next few months. She’s a popular cast member and will be missed by everyone on set.”

Since her return in March after four years away, the soap’s storylines had seen Holly battle her addiction following a relapse. And while Holly looked to have beaten her dependency on heroin, it now seems that she had succumbed once again, only this time in secret.

The fallout of Holly’s death saw a grieving Adam railing at Cain in the Woolpack, Jai left in shock after hearing the news and Megan casting her mind back to the death of her own child Robbie.

Tonight’s closing scenes saw Cain come to Moira’s aid as she collapsed in tears as her daughter’s body was taken away from the farm.

Emmerdale fans were left upset by the unpublicised twist and expressed their views on Twitter:


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