Neighbours: Ned fights Jacka, plus Paul is hurt when he learns that Terese and Gary are a item

3-7 October 2016: And Amy and Aaron’s double date with the Tanaka brothers goes awry


Monday 3 October


Ned faces Elly’s wrath after taking Regan to Albury to protect her from Jacka. Angry about Ned’s behaviour, Elly goes to the Waterhole in search of distraction but finds herself in dangerous company. Jack and Paige are at odds following their awkward encounter at Blaze. 

Tuesday 4 October

Paul finds his feelings for Terese beginning to resurface when she turns to him for support in the wake of distressing news. Angus has eyes for Elly and makes a decision that threatens her reunion with Ned. Jacka breaks into the Turner home and sets in motion an irrevocable chain of events. 

Wednesday 5 October

Aaron lavishes Leo with attention during a double date with Amy and David. Angus is reluctant to take up Susan’s invitation to stay with them, till he realises he could get closer to Elly. Paul vows to destroy Terese when he learns that she and Gary are an item. 

Thursday 6 October

When Piper’s close friends and family forget her birthday, Tyler shows up with a present and a plan. Paul is unhappy when he sees Leo flirting with Amy and threatens him. Xanthe enters Family Feud but the casting interview descends into chaos. 


Friday 7 October

Steph prepares to reconnect with Adam, the son she gave up at birth, but keeps news of the meeting from Mark. Elly puts her heart on the line when Ned announces that he is leaving Erinsborough to get away from Jacka. Gary is thrown when Terese ignores him and wonders why he is in the doghouse.