Coronation Street: David left for dead following shock attack! Jack P Shepherd interview

But the assault marks just the start of a very bad week for the beleaguered David


David Platt’s plan for revenge will take a surprise twist in next week’s Coronation Street when he’s brutally attacked. After tracking Macca down to the Dog and Gun, David ends up getting assaulted outside the pub. But the violent showdown comes at the start of what will turn out to be a dramatic five days for an increasingly unhinged David…


Later in the week, David will find himself under arrest for perverting the course of justice when pictures of Kylie’s killer Clayton start appearing on the Street. And then comes the news that Macca himself has sustained a serious injury and that investigating officers believe that David is responsible.

But by Friday, David has been released by the police, who have reached the conclusion that he had nothing to do with the crime. Now a free man, David heads to the hospital, where Macca lies fighting for his life. Only now, David has murder on his mind…Here’s actor Jack P Shepherd with more on the upcoming drama…

So, what has been making David check Macca’s social media page – is he checking up on him at this point?
Because Clayton is away in prison and awaiting trial, David can’t get to him to carry out his revenge plot, so the only thing he can do is get to Macca, Clayton’s brother. David wants to cause Macca pain to make him suffer for his own loss.

What makes David storm over to the Dog and Gun? What happens when he gets there?
The Dog and the Gun is the mothership for Calum’s old gang and, sure enough, Macca is there. But before David can get to him he runs into even more trouble. As David is peering through the window, there’s a dark shadow behind him. He turns and the next thing he knows, he’s pinned up against a wall by this menacing character who wants to cause him harm.


Does he fight back when he is viciously attacked?
He’s very accepting that he will be beaten to a pulp – it’s just that, for him, the timing for him is all wrong. David says, “fine, do what you want, I don’t care, but right now I need to get into that pub.” The guy’s confused, so David says, “I can’t explain right now…” But – BOOMPH – he gets attacked. This shows David’s fragile mindset at the moment – he’s so hellbent on getting to Macca that he’s not bothered about getting a few punches as long as this doesn’t interfere with his revenge plan.That’s his priority.

How was that scene to film?
Really, really good! When we were about to film the attack it started to pour it down, I mean torrential rain, so the director said we may have to be rained off. But I was keen to do the fight scenes in the wet weather. It looks great on screen that David is getting beaten up in the downpour – it reminded me of the final battle in The Matrix when they’re up in the sky with all the rain. It felt like that for me.


Posters of Clayton go up around the Street – is David worried when the police turn up and arrest him for perverting the course of justice?
At first, David is confident that the police don’t have anything on him. But it dawns on him that this may put Clayton’s trial in jeopardy. David’s anxious when the police accuse him of perverting the course of justice, especially as he has been guilty of doing this before. It riles David that Clayton might even have his trial moved well away from Weatherfield.

How does he feel when he finds out about Macca’s head injury?
David laughs, which makes him look even more guilty. And when the police ask him about his own violent injuries, his best excuse is that he fell over a dog! David has no real alibi and it looks as though Macca is in a critical condition.

David knows exactly where Macca is in the hospital so he heads off there next. I liked the scenes when David goes with flowers, chocolates and grapes, even telling the ward staff he is here to see his cousin Macca – but it’s clear he’s up to something sinister. David waits all day for Macca to to finish in theatre and there’s a great shot when Macca is wheeled out. The trolley pauses and there’s a frame of David staring over an unconscious, oblivious Macca for a few seconds before the trolley is wheeled away again. David is there to kill.


Does David feel guilty about his promise to Kylie to be a good guy?
No, because David made two promises. He made a promise that he would look after the kids and bring them up well, but he also made a promise to Kylie that he would get revenge on the people who murdered her. David believes he’s not breaking either promise because once he’s killed Macca and he’s dead himself, his children will be looked after by Gail and Nick. So for David, his revenge plot is win-win.

So he doesn’t worry about leaving the kids with no parents if this goes too far?
David thinks that it’ll be sad that his kids will have no parents, but he believes that he really needs to do this and that they will be all right in the long run.


What do you think it will take to snap David out of this road to revenge?
I don’t think anything will! Obviously Kylie meant everything to him and this is now his goal. When David gets an idea in his head, he will not stop at anything until he has accomplished whatever he needs to or until the point where he’s physically unable to do any more…for example, dead.

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