Emmerdale: Kerry to tell Dan about her secret termination?

Will Kerry confess to her infidelity and pregnancy?


A desperate Kerry Wyatt is to get a secret termination in an upcoming episode of Emmerdale, only to be confronted by shocked partner Dan outside the clinic.


Next month’s episodes of the ITV soap will see Kerry lie to Dan when she tells him she’s going for a wedding dress fitting. But when Kerry finds that camper van Hetty won’t start, she resorts to borrowing a car from the garage in order to make her appointment at the clinic.

Scenes to be shown on Thursday 6 October see Kerry park on double yellow lines just as a parking attendant appears on the scene. Ross, meanwhile, has discovered that the car has gone the missing and he and Dan track the vehicle down to the clinic, just as it’s about to be towed.

But expect matters to come to a head when Dan then spots Kerry emerging from the building…

A cliffhanger moment comes when Dan demands to know what Kerry’s doing there, fearing that she’s ill. So will Kerry come clean about her one-night stand with Ross, her pregnancy and termination?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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