EastEnders: Pam’s showdown with the mum of Paul’s killer – will she get answers?

An emotional confrontation sees Pam determined to get to the truth


A grieving Pam Coker will confront the mother of one of Paul’s killers in an upcoming episode of EastEnders – but will she get the answers she wants?


Fans of the BBC1 soap have already seen Pam struggling to cope in the wake of Paul’s untimely demise, but the beleaguered market-stall holder is soon to be seen having a showdown with Diane, the mum of murderer Simon.

Scenes to be shown next month will see a nervous Honey trying to stop Pam from visiting Diane. But when Kathy learns what’s going on, she offers to go with her.

After a long wait at a nearby cafe, Diane finally arrives and – after discussing Paul and Simon as children – Pam interrogates her as to why Simon did what he did.

Pam is of course trying to make sense of the recent tragic events, but will he showdown with Diane only end up rubbing salt in an already open wound? Find out when EastEnders shows these scenes on Tuesday 4 October.

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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