Emmerdale: Belle is sectioned – and Lisa deals with a new crisis

Belle is found - but will her reunion with the Dingles be short lived?


A tormented Belle Dingle is to be sectioned next week on Emmerdale after she’s finally located on the streets and taken to hospital.


But her nearest and dearest will be left distraught after doctors tell them that Belle is to be moved to a unit miles away in Surrey.


Mum Lisa is determined to see Belle treated close to home at a private clinic, but hasn’t reckoned on the £5000 a week costs.

After Lisa is refused a loan by both the bank and the Sharmas, Charity offers to pull a robbery to get the money. But Lisa insists that she doesn’t want her going to prison.


Wanting to help, Lachlan brings Lisa to see Chrissie, but when the meeting doesn’t go to plan, an angry Lisa loses her rag and – after clocking Chrissie’s convertible on the driveway – comes up with a plan.

Just what is Lisa going to do? And will she be able to get hold of the cash before Belle is taken across the country to receive the treatment she so badly needs?


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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