The Archers – day one of Helen’s trial: Rob cries on the stand

Will the jury believe Rob's twisted version of events?


The opening day of Helen’s trial on The Archers has begun with her abusive husband Rob Titchener crying on the witness stand.


Helen – who faces charges of attempted murder and wounding with intent – had to listen in court as Rob pleaded to know why he’d been stabbed.

“Why, Helen? All I ever did was love you. Was that so very wrong?” he asked at the climax to Sunday’s episode of the BBC Radio 4 soap.

Earlier, Helen’s brother Tom and father Tony had been left stunned as Rob turned up walking with the aid of a stick.

Rob then went on to testify that Helen had been acting in an hysterical fashion on the evening of his stabbing and that “every day was like walking on thin ice”.

When Helen’s defence counsel, Anna Tregorran came to question Rob, he did admit to having once slapped Helen, but then added: “I’ve never regretted anything more in my life. I was near the end of my tether.”

As Anna put it to Rob that he’d dared Helen to kill herself and also lunged at Henry, Rob then branded Helen “a compulsive liar”.

But will the jury choose to believe Rob after he stated: “I wanted her to get better so we could be a family again.”


The trial continues in tomorrow’s episode of The Archers at 7pm on BBC Radio 4…