Fletch is stabbed in Holby City – here’s what happens next!

The nurse was left in a critical condition in Tuesday's episode


Holby City’s senior nurse Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher has been left in a critical condition at the climax of Tuesday’s episode after being stabbed by an unstable patient.


Fletch found himself attacked by the screwdriver-wielding James Fielding before being wheeled into the ITU to receive urgent treatment. 


The cliffhanger then saw Connie react with shock and concern to what had happened to her colleague while Fletch continued to fight for his life.

In the wake of the broadcast, actor Alex Walkinshaw took to social media with this cheeky post on Twitter.

Next week’s episode of the long-running BBC1 medical drama will see initial attempts to wake Fletch not go according to plan when his BP suddenly drops. Staff are then forced to delay until further tests are done.

Later on, viewers will get to see the medics make a second bid to wake Fletch – but will there be further drama as a result of their efforts?

Well, if Walkinshaw has his way, then Fletch will be back treating the sick very soon. As he went on to add on Twitter:


Holby City continues on Tuesday 6 September at 8pm