Neighbours: Aaron worries that Paige is no match for her boxing opponent – plus Mark’s life hangs in the balance after confronting Ari

5-9 September 2016: And Xanthe suspects Ben and Madison are in a secret relationship


Monday 5 September


Ned’s loyalties are divided when Elly asks him to access Piper’s phone. Unbeknown to Amy, and against orders, Mark bugs the confessional to try to catch Steph’s stalker. When Mark appears to know about Amy’s whereabouts, she searches the confessional and is horrified to find a listening device.

Tuesday 6 September

Aaron is concerned when he discovers that Paige’s boxing opponent hospitalised her sparring partner. Mark is suspended when Amy and Jack confront him about the bug. When Ari threatens Belinda and Charlie, Mark tackles him but is badly wounded.

Wednesday 7 September

Mark fights for his life after Ari punctures his lung. Aaron discovers that he is liable to pay her appearance fee if he cancels Paige’s fight. Steph, Mark and Charlie are reunited before Charlie flies out. Paige’s boxing opponent visits her and makes it clear that she has very little hope of winning.

Thursday 8 September

Paige discovers that Aaron will face financial ruin if she pulls out of the fight. When Xanthe sees Madison and Ben together, she suspects that they are having a secret affair. Paul is left reeling when he finds out that Terese has already booked Madison for the day of his restaurant opening.

Friday 9 September


Sheila decides to wreak revenge on behalf of her heartbroken granddaughter. Paul takes extreme measures to disrupt the pigeon race. Susan hatches a plan to get to the bottom of Piper’s issues with Elly. Bree tells Ned that his ex Regan wants to see him.