Coronation Street: Is Caz pulling the wool over Maria’s eyes?

Caz’s feelings develop and the pair get closer in upcoming episodes of the ITV soap


Caz has been trying to worm her way back into Maria’s life of late and after a deep and meaningful chat next week in Coronation Street it seems she is succeeding.


Over a few glasses of wine, Maria helps Caz – who has been kicked out of the army – to write up her CV. It’s obvious that Caz’s feelings towards her go a little further than friendship.

Later in the week Caz is overjoyed to get an interview and tells Maria all about it. However, when Kate bumps into her ex Caz on the street she accuses her of using Maria and spills coffee all over her smart interview suit.

Meanwhile, Audrey isn’t feeling well and tells Maria she should take another date to the Regional Stylists’ Awards. She asks her ex-boyfriend Luke, who immediately agrees. Maria, however, doesn’t want to get back with him and worries that he may be reading more into it than she intended.

On their way to the awards they come across Caz in a flood of tears at the bus stop. She explains that she missed her interview.

Maria asks Luke to wait for her in the Rovers and takes Caz home, where she opens up about how difficult she is finding life as a civilian outside of the army.

Maria decides that supporting Caz is more important than the awards ceremony and calls Luke to cancel their plans. As she gets changed, Caz watches on…

How will Luke feel about Maria toying with his emotions by cancelling their date? And is Maria being gradually won over by her admirer Caz?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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