Casualty – watch 30 years of Charlie Fairhead in 5 minutes!

See all the best bits from Charlie's epic career at Holby


Casualty lynchpin Charlie Fairhead will celebrate three decades of service in the Holby ED during tonight’s 30th anniversary episode – but it really is a wonder he’s made it through in one piece.


Since the medical drama began, Charlie has been shot, suffered a heart attack and had his life endangered in several car accidents. How he remains so composed is a wonder to us.

Tonight’s feature-length instalment will once again see Charlie in the thick of the action after an air ambulance crashes into the hospital.


On the topic of what viewers can expect to see, actor Derek Thompson says: “The episode feels like a natural development of everything that’s happened over the years. Casualty has travelled the world and it’s found a very large audience through a few generations. 

“This episode almost feels like a side-branding of the show – this is Casualty: the movie! It feels more of a spin-off to me than anything else, rather than just a regular piece.”


You can watch Charlie’s career flash before your eyes below. And the 30th anniversary episode of Casualty can be seen at 8pm tonight on BBC1.