EastEnders: Babe reveals the identity of her mystery attacker

Babe survives her deep freeze trauma and it all came flooding back to her in tonight’s episode


Tonight EastEnders viewers saw Babe reveal the attacker behind her freezer ordeal and despite there being several plausible possibilities it turned out to be none other than Sylvie Carter, her sister suffering from Alzheimer’s.


The episode began with Babe still locked in the freezer, her life hanging in the balance. Linda and Whitney were first alerted to the fact that something was wrong in the middle of the night when Lady Di, the family dog, began scratching and barking at the door.


They found Babe unresponsive on the floor and immediately called an ambulance. Babe returned to the Vic fine and well by the end of the episode with a coat wrapped firmly around her shoulders, saying, “I can’t seem to get warm”.

Viewers were thrown off the scent about who might have been responsible when Linda went to buy some flowers for Babe at the market stall and Claudette replied ‘How about a nice wreath?’ Linda was convinced that flower stall proprietor Mrs Hubabrd was responsible, having seen her rowing with Aunt Babe in the Square the previous day.

However, Claudette has an alibi in Patrick who sheepishly reveals that they spent the night together, thereby ruling her out as a suspect. It later transpires that she left briefly at around midnight to go and get some rum.

When Les hears that Babe had been locked in the freezer he makes a swift exit, looking concerned. Soon after, Sylvie, in a moment of clarity which nobody takes seriously, says “Someone tried to kill Babe.”


In the end it is Babe who reveals who locked her in. “You were right”, she says in the final moments of the episode. “It wasn’t an accident, I remember now. It was her. It was Sylvie”.

How will Babe react now that she remembers who was responsible for her near death experience? What will the repercussions be for Sylvie? And is Babe telling the truth for once?

EastEnders returns on Thursday at 7.30pm.

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