Emmerdale: Zak and Joanie DO get married – but what happens next?

Is it really all over for Zak and Lisa following tonight's nuptials?


Zak Dingle has married Joanie Wright in tonight’s hour-long visit to Emmerdale – despite some major last-minute hitches threatening to ruin their big day.


In the run-up to the nuptials, a drunken Zak was seen calling Joanie by the name of his ex-wife Lisa, a blunder that led to both bride and groom questioning whether they were doing the right thing in getting wed.


Zak was questioned by Chas as to whether he’d said the wrong name for a reason, while emotional scenes saw Lisa have a heart to heart with Joanie about their broken friendship.

“I’m the past, you’re the one he wants now,” Lisa told Joanie, words that strengthened the latte’s resolve to tie the knot. But as Joanie and Zak said their vows in the episode’s closing minutes, a brokenhearted Lisa was glimpsed leaving the chapel teary-eyed.


So what happens now that Lisa appears to have lost Zak for good? Well, tomorrow’s episode will see Lisa nursing a hangover, while Chas suggests to Zak that his ex-wife isn’t coping as well as she’s making out. Joanie, meanwhile, is in a bad way too.

By the end of Wednesday’s instalment, Zak will have tracked Lisa down outside the Dingles’ to tell her that he’s still there for her should she need him. And after Lisa then runs into Joanie, she soon reaches a big decision. Just what has she decided to do?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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