Home and Away: Brody has big plans for Angelo’s – plus the Morgan family’s dark secret is revealed

15-19 August 2016: And Irene collapses when she experiences a traumatic flashback


Monday 15 August


Evie is shattered when Josh cuts off all contact with her. Kat learns that Ash has put up the garage as security for Andy’s bail. Zac worries for Hunter’s state of mind after he discovers the truth about Charlotte’s murder. Nate confronts Mason when he learns that he did not call for a staff member to assess Alf’s injuries in the wake of his fall. 

Tuesday 16 August

When Lara threatens to end her relationship with Mason, he is forced to reveal the truth about his family. Andy takes a big risk when he meets up with an old contact and convinces him to use the garage as a chop- shop. Kat spots Phoebe and Brody teasing each other at Angelo’s and wonders if there is an attraction there. 

Wednesday 17 August

The Morgan family are left in disarray when Mason admits to telling Lara they are in witness protection. Irene collapses when a dripping tap triggers a traumatic flashback. Roo decides to move back home in order to care for Alf. Nate is approached by a mysterious man calling himself Tim who has been following the Morgans. 

Thursday 18 August

Billie attempts to teach Irene some self- defence moves, which in turn helps Billie make an unlikely breakthrough of her own. Roo struggles to look after Alf, and when Matt intervenes, he only makes matters worse. Marilyn finally accepts John’s decision not to foster again. 


Friday 19 August

Determined to stand on his own two feet, VJ decides to move out of home. Olivia and Zac are worried about Hunter’s apathetic attitude in the wake of Charlotte’s death. John tells Marilyn that he has changed his mind about fostering. Alf apologises to Roo and admits that he hates being a burden.