Emmerdale: Michael Praed debuts as Tracy’s dad Frank – full storyline revealed!

Imprisoned Frank is getting out of jail - but what does he want with his daughter?


Robin of Sherwood and Dynasty star Michael Praed will make his Emmerdale debut next week – playing the role of Tracy’s jailbird dad Frank Clayton.


David will be seen paying a visit to Frank in the hope of repairing relations between father and daughter. With Tracy currently estranged from her dad, David thinks the job is going to be tough, but Frank appears friendly.

Pleased that David wants to help him reestablish contact with his daughter – who he calls ‘Teenie’ – Frank then tells his visitor that he’s up for early release.


An alarmed David then learns that Frank wants to stay with his daughter and has sent her letters. After telling David that he’s in prison for assault, Frank asks David to get his daughter to reply to him.

But Tracy is shocked and upset to learn that David been to see her dad and his unsettled to learn Frank is getting out.

Tracy is quick to tell David that he’s been played, but is there more to Frank’s intentions than meets the eye? Just what does Frank want with Tracy?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s Emmerdale below.


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