Coronation Street: meet Rita’s new best friend – Gemma!

Find out why Gemma is determined to be Rita's best mate


Coronation Street has traditionally featured some classic soap partnerships – and it looks like we might be seeing another great pairing in the making. Next week’s episodes will see Gemma getting close to Rita, but does the gobby kebab shop worker have ulterior motives?


An upcoming Corrie storyline will see Gemma tell Dev that she wants to improve herself and suggests that she cold become the manager of the kebab shop. Dev is scornful, but later shows Gemma an article about the local Good Neighbour scheme, suggesting that she should give it a shot.

Hence Gemma then setting her sights on Rita and offering to do her shopping for her! A bemused Rita tells her that this won’t be necessary but, by Friday, Gemma will be seen steering the doyenne of the Kabin into the Rovers.

After explaining that she’s sick of being a no mark, Gemma tells Rita that she’s decided to join the Good Neighbour scheme to prove her worth. An impressed Rita gets the drinks in, a move that certainly puts a smile on Gemma’s face. So is this the start of a beautiful friendship? And how would Norris feel should he be replaced in Rita’s affections?!

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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