Casualty: see the 30th anniversary trailer – will Connie and Grace survive?

Get a sneak peek of the feature-length episode


Get ready for some medical mayhem: Casualty is celebrating its 30th birthday in spectacular style.


With viewers having just witnessed Connie and her daughter Grace involved in a horrific plunge over a ravine in their car, fans of the long-running drama will now have to wait until the end of August to find out whether they’ll make it out alive.

But it seems that this is only the start of the action – Charlie’s upcoming three-decade anniversary in the ED (which handily coincides with Casualty’s own 30th anniversary) looks set to be marred by an explosive event.


Now, our lips are sealed as to what this involves, but believe us when we say that you won’t want to miss this one…Now, get a sneak peek of the feature-length episode below…