Emmerdale: Nicola kisses Dan – will the pair have an affair?

And will Jimmy find out about what's going on behind his back?


Sparks are to fly between Dan and Nicola when the pair share a kiss on next week’s Emmerdale – but surely that’s not part of her physio regime?!


The pair will get close after Nicola is left frustrated by Jimmy’s arms-length mollycoddling. And when Nicola is told that her arm might not recover, her heart breaks when Jimmy struggles to handle the news.


Scenes to be shown on Wednesday 3 August see an upset Nicola tell Dan that she fears Jimmy now looks at her differently. And as Dan comforts her, Nicola ends up leaning in for a kiss. But how will a shocked Dan react and will Nicola end up feeling humiliated?

Speaking about whether the two characters are now set to have an affair, actress Nicola Wheeler said: “I think they might fall in love but not consummate it. I think that might be the idea.

“But is it worse if your partner falls in love with somebody? Sex is sex – it’s a passionate thing but once you’ve done it…whereas love is a bigger deal.”

Certainly, by the end of next week, Nicola is promising Dan that their kiss was a one-off – but are the two of them just burying their mutual attraction?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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