EastEnders: surprise secret from Peggy’s past shocks Phil

It turns out that matriarch Peggy broke the Mitchell code - but for a very good reason


The history of the Mitchell clan has been redrawn in tonight’s EastEnders thanks to a bombshell secret that paints matriarch Peggy as “a grass”.


The family code explicitly states that a Mitchell must never report another of their brethren to the police. But it now seems that a statement Peggy once made to the authorities put abusive husband Eric behind bars.

As was revealed in this evening’s episode, Aunt Sal had harboured this knowledge for decades and chose the day of Peggy’s funeral to make sure that Phil learned the truth.

After Sharon discovered all, she passed the vital information on to an emotional Phil, who had spent his life thinking that Peggy had stood by and done nothing while he received beatings from the violent Eric.


But as it turns out, Peggy had ensured that Eric was locked up following a bungled raid on a post office – thus freeing Phil from further torment.

“You think it was bent coppers that sent your dad down? Well, guess who grassed him up in the first place?” Sharon revealed to Phil, “It was the only way she could think to get rid of him. She was protecting you.”

The disclosure then gave Phil the strength to deliver a touching eulogy to Peggy in the Queen Vic, in which he said that his mum would want her life celebrated with dancing and music – and that anyone who thought otherwise would have to “get outta my pub”.

As well as the revelation regarding Peggy’s past, her funeral also saw a surprise reappearance from Ross Kemp as Grant, prior to his return in a further batch of episodes later this year.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on EastEnders below.


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