Home and Away: Kat and Ash give in to temptation, plus Roo and Matt panic over Maddy’s disappearance

4-8 July 2016: Plus Evelyn and Josh are shattered when they learn the truth about the accident


Monday 4 June


Roo and Matt fear the worst as their search for Maddy intensifies. Meanwhile, Maddy returns to a hotel room after visiting Oscar’s grave, but she collapses on the floor. Nate and Ricky begin to move past their recent tension, but when he finds out he did not get the job at the hospital, he goes into his shell. 

Tuesday 5 June

Tanya makes a heartfelt plea to Maddy to return home so that she can be cared for by her family. Andy struggles with his guilt and considers telling Evelyn and Josh that he caused the accident. Skye is stunned when Tank tells her that he took the fall for Andy. Evelyn and Josh are shattered when Skye blurts out the truth about the accident. 

Wednesday 6 June

Zac and Evelyn learn that Leah knew about Andy’s involvement in the accident. When Leah discovers that VJ and Billie are in a relationship, she pleads with Billie to break it off, believing that VJ is too young and naive for her. Skye and Tank grow closer despite John’s protestations. Chris unveils a plaque at the hospital dedicated to Hannah. 

Thursday 7 June

Roo is devastated by the news about her culpability in the accident. Phoebe and Dom argue when he fails to reprimand Bella for her unruly behaviour. After their argument, Phoebe storms home and is aghast when she stumbles on Ash and Kat tearing each other’s clothes off. 


Friday 8 June

Phoebe feels betrayed and tells Kat that she has broken an unspoken rule about dating your friend’s ex. Olivia is uncomfortable spending time alone with Hunter and pushes him away. Nate and Ricky continue to argue and Ricky confides in Phoebe that she fears getting married was a mistake.