Coronation Street: Leanne and Nick to reunite?

Simon suggests that his mum should get back together with Nick - but does she agree?


They’ve been on again and off again more times than anyone can remember, but Leanne and Nick look set to become close again next week – and one Coronation Street resident is very keen that they get back together.


Yes, Leanne’s son Simon will be seen suggesting that she and Nick reunite, as he’s always been the one for her. But will an amused Leanne end up taking Simon’s advice?

In the run-up to Simon making his surprise suggestion, Nick will be seen helping Leanne out when severe back pain puts her out of action.

Scenes to be be broadcast on Friday 8 July see Nick taking Simon out to the cinema for a birthday treat while Leanne rests. And when the two of them return, Leanne thanks Nick and invites him in for a glass of wine.

As Nick massages Leanne’s back, the chemistry between her and Nick is evident, while Simon is quick to make his mischievous observation about his mum’s future.

But does Leanne think it’s a good idea to reignite the spark between herself and her ex-husband?

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