Neighbours: Sarah returns – but Angus isn’t pleased to see her, plus Terese gets an offer from Tom Quill

27 June-1 July 2016: And Piper and Tyler struggle to deal with their forbidden love


Monday 27 June


Toadie convinces Sonya to call the police when they realise that Walter has abducted Nell. When Madison spies Tyler’s interest in Piper, she encourages her to make a move. Sarah returns to Ramsay Street to see Angus and take him away with her, but he reveals he would rather stay with Karl and Susan. 

Tuesday 28 June

Sarah pleads her case to Angus and he eventually agrees to leave with her. Tyler tells Piper that he is up for a relationship but only if her parents are on board. A girls’ night out turns weird when a guy called Ryan approaches Amy and seems to think he knows her, but calls her by the name Anika. 

Wednesday 29 June

Amy confides in Aaron that Ryan runs a cleaning agency employing women to clean in lingerie, and at one point she used to work for him. When Amy refuses to help Ryan save his business, he threatens to reveal her past. Mark and Steph are forced to question what they want from each other. 

Thursday 30 June

Tom offers Ryan a cleaning contract at the hotel. Aaron is impressed by Tom’s efforts
to make amends for the damage the Quill family has done and their attraction grows. Xanthe is crushed when Ben rejects her offer of a date to the school formal, so Gary makes him an offer he cannot refuse. 


Friday 1 July

Gary tells Sheila about the deal he made with Ben. Tom Quill asks Terese to return as Director of Operations at Lassiter’s. Paul quietly oversees Madison’s project to interview key members of the Erinsborough community. Piper makes a special ‘private’ episode of her vlog for Tyler’s eyes only.