Coronation Street shock! Nick calls off his wedding to Carla, reveals Ben Price

But how will the bride-to-be react to the surprise announcement?


Nick Tilsley is to tell a stunned Carla Connor that he can’t marry her in shock scenes to be broadcast next week on Coronation Street.


Groom-to-be Nick will call a halt to his nuptials after confiding in brother David that his brain injury is worse than ever and that he fears he can’t control his temper.

Frightened he could hurt Carla at any time, Nick reaches the momentous decision that he can’t go ahead with the wedding. But how does Carla react to Nick’s announcement? And is this really the end for the couple? Actor Ben Price tells us more…

Was Nick always expecting that his health troubles would return?
He always thought they’d come back but I think he imagined he’d be further on in his life – he was certainly hoping that. Now the symptoms are coming back and he fears he’s going to be stuck like this, with these rages and blackouts.  

How serious is he expecting his problems to be? Is he convinced his life is over?
His life isn’t over but he decides he has to handle it on his own, away from Carla, away from Leanne and away from his family. He’s aware his life will change and he expects to be on his own.

Why won’t he share his worries? Why can’t he confide in Carla – they’re about to marry, after all?
I don’t think she’s that easy to confide in. He also thinks, ‘why would she want to be married to a guy who’s broken?’. He wants to take out the choice for her and give her a get-out by him just saying he can’t do it. 

Has anyone noticed how distracted he’s been?
I think the only person who notices is David, funnily enough. 

Has he been looking forward to marrying Carla? Why is she the woman for him?
Yes he’s in love with her. She’s exciting, sexy, powerful and it’s all those things that Nick’s attracted to. I also think there’s a part of Nick that wants to save her, but he’s not going to be that guy if his health deteriorates. So I think as soon as he decides he’s not going to be that guy, then he starts to question their relationship.

Was he convinced they could live happy ever after before his problems returned?
Yeah, for Nick it was very simple. Everything he’s done in his life, bar relationships, seems to work out: his business, holding his family together, trying to keep his brother and sister-in-law in check, getting through his injury, he’s pretty successful at it. With Carla, he wants his happy ever after.  

How does his stag go?
Badly, he gets very stressed.

What prompts Nick to decide he can’t marry Carla?
It’s purely to do with his blackouts and his rage and what happened to Leanne on Christmas Day. Why put someone you love through that, why not set them free? The thing about Nick as a character is he’s not selfish enough that he thinks I’m going to marry her anyway. He thinks that she shouldn’t be with him, that she should be with someone who can care for her and he believes he won’t have the capacity to do that.  

How does she react when he tells her?
Badly! She gets a bit annoyed, a bit angry, because she doesn’t know the real reason and she thinks there’s something else going on. He’s also got no clue about the lengths she’s been going to to make sure this wedding goes ahead.

Can she change his mind?
I think she’ll try to convince him and maybe he’ll think that if he can get away from the street and all the stress, have a bit of money, then maybe it will all be all right. He wants it to be all right. 

What will you miss most about working with Alison when she goes?
Everything, I’ll miss her so much, all of her. The laughs, the crying – you become meshed in this relationship which is so important because you work so closely together. It’s fantastic for Ali that she’s going off to do different things, but for me it’s very sad. 

Have you had lots of people telling you about Carla and Robert’s fling while out and about? Do you mind that attention?
I mostly get people shouting at me, “don’t leave!” I don’t think they want him to leave Gail – they’re very protective over that relationship.  

Do you enjoy working on the Platt family scenes?
Yes it’s home, they’re great, that’s why they look so good. We all have a right laugh and we get on with the work. Everyone in the Platts is so on the same wavelength, with Helen, Sue, Tina, Paula, me and Jack, it just works. We all get on so well.  

What do you make of the drama the Platts endure?
The Platts have a great dynamic, there’s always something going on with the Platts and that’s where I think they work best, as a family, in that highly dynamic shifting awful situation where blood is blood regardless of what’s happened between them. It’s blood and it’s thick with the Platts. Each person in the Platts brings their own little bit of sanity, or insanity, and so all together they work it out, but they all need each other at certain points. 

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