Neighbours: Paul is arrested, while Susan is not thrilled when Sarah Beaumont moves in next door

11-15 April 2016: Plus Pam returns and reveals a devastating family secret about Ned


Monday 11 April


Paul realises that someone is trying to frame him and asks Nene to back up his alibi. Steph struggles to bury the secret that Toadie shared with her when he thought he was going to die. Paige continues her bedside vigil in the hospital room of her unidentified mystery saviour. 

Tuesday 12 April

When Terese discovers that critical CCTV footage of Lassiter’s before the explosion is missing, she becomes convinced that Paul is responsible. The police agree, and Paul is arrested for tampering with evidence. Aaron falls to pieces when Tom is presumed dead after his ID is found in the rubble, but is he upset at losing Tom or is he feeling guilty? 

Wednesday 13 April

Steph is shocked when Piper takes out her anger on her, and declares her belief that Steph was involved in the explosion. Paige gets closer to working out the identity of her mysterious John Doe. Susan is less than delighted when she finds out that Sarah is going to be her new neighbour. 

Thursday 14 April

Nate pushes Aaron to open up and he makes a shocking confession. Ben is frustrated when he learns that Xanthe has been spending the stolen cash, but is tempted to do a good deed of his own. Steph resolves to find out the truth about Paul’s involvement in the explosion. Susan decides to put her faith in Karl. 


Friday 15 April

Nate convinces Aaron to stay quiet until Tom’s body is recovered. Xanthe resorts to desperate measures to win Ben over. The bond between Imogen and Daniel becomes stronger than ever. Pam arrives in Ramsay Street and it becomes clear that she harbours a deep resentment towards Ned.