Coronation Street: Kate Ford on Tracy and Carla’s final battle – “It’s the showdown to end all showdowns”

Expect tensions to rise in the weeks ahead, warns the Corrie star


It’s the bitter rivalry that has dominated the Street these past few months: the no-holds-barred battle between Tracy and Carla. And Corrie fans can expect an already tense situation to escalate further in the coming weeks, as we ready ourselves for the departure of Alison King.


Next week’s episodes of the Street will see Carla slap Tracy across the face as the pair come to blows once again. Carla states that she won’t be held to ransom as Tracy starts to drop big hints about the factory boss’s recent one-night stand with Robert. But Carla will be left scratching her head when Tracy reveals that she has no intention of spilling the beans. Just what is Tracy’s game?

With the Bistro now being run by Robert, you’d have thought that Tracy now had everything she could wish for. But the green-eyed monster is still lurking, especially when she sees how loved up Carla and Nick are as they prepare for their wedding. With Tracy secretly enraged by her rival’s blissful state, it can surely only be a matter of time before the truth comes out. Here, actress Kate Ford tells us more…

Tracy has everything she could possibly want at this point, so why is she still holding Carla over a barrel?
She really enjoys having the upper hand on Carla for once in her life. She’s always felt that Carla has the better of her when it comes to finances, clothes, her flat – and this is one time she feels she has power over Carla. She’s enjoying it.

Is there still a part of her that doesn’t trust Robert?
It’s a tricky one because they weren’t actually together when he slept with Carla. She had gone off with Rob and pledged her love for him. The problem she’s got is that Robert has slept with Carla when he knew how much Tracy hates her. She can’t really get her head round that.

Now that Robert has the bistro, does Tracy think she’s going to be calling the shots?
Yes, she does. It’s what she’s been waiting for.

So, why does Tracy come close to spilling the beans about Carla and Robert’s fling? And what is it that stops her?
She’s been blackmailing Carla and she knows that if she told Robert that she knew about the one-night stand then he might put two and two together and she might lose him. She’s treading on very thin ice with that one.

Tracy seethes when she sees Nick and Carla blissfully happy. Why can’t she just let them be?
Tracy believes that whatever happens to Carla, she comes up smelling of roses. She’s jealous – she’s been made so unhappy by Carla so she wants her to be unhappy as well.

What needs to happen for Tracy to feel that she’s won the war between them?
She needs Carla to move away and then Tracy can take over her role in the street. She would like a flat as nice as hers and she would like to own a successful business with a partner who owns another successful business.

Are you ever surprised by Tracy’s behaviour?
No! I mean she’s been to prison for murder, that’s been her worst act to date, so she’s capable of anything really.

What has been the most fun or most challenging story of hers to film?
The storyline I did with David Neilson when Tracy claimed she’d slept with Roy. That was great – that storyline had lots of twists and turns in it.

What reaction do you get from viewers these days? Do people tell you off if they spot you out doing your shopping?
It’s fine – people say they love it when Tracy’s being a bitch. I’ve never had any problems because people have always been really nice to me.

How do you and Alison King get on in real life?
Very well. We ‘re very good friends, it’s nice working with her.

Are you pleased that Carla and Tracy are getting to face off one last time before she goes?
Yes, it’s one final showdown to beat all showdowns!

Would you like to see Tracy taken down a peg or two?
I think Tracy does get taken down a peg or two. I think that’s part of her problem – every time things go wrong for her and she feels humiliated she starts fighting back in an unpleasant way. And things don’t go her way really, do they? She’s constantly up against it. The residents of the street do tend to think of her as a bit of a loser. She wouldn’t like to admit that but they do. She still lives in a tiny bedroom at her dad’s house and I think that’s why she’s so jealous of Carla.

And who is the ultimate soap bitch in your eyes?
Alexis Colby of course, from Dynasty. And she starred in the film The Bitch too!

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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