Home and Away: Leah and Zac tie the knot, while Charlotte resorts to desperate measures and tries to frame Billie for Denny’s murder

14-18 March 2016: Plus Olivia and Hunter take their relationship to the next level


Monday 14 March


Kat tells the stricken MacGuires that Denny is dead and grimly assures them that she will catch the killer. Billie covers for Irene when she realises that she has been drink-driving. Charlotte discovers that Billie is staying with Ash and in an attempt to frame her, hides Kat’s gun and handcuffs in her bag. 

Tuesday 15 March

Ash physically assaults Charlotte and tries to force her to admit that she set Billie up. Andy breaks down and tells Hannah that he is tired of being screwed over and wants her out of his life. Olivia and Hunter take their relationship to the next level, a first for them both. After admitting the truth about Denny’s murder to Hunter, Charlotte takes Kat’s gun out of a drawer and places it in her handbag. 

Wednesday 16 March

Evie uses Denny’s wedding gift to persuade Leah and Zac not to cancel the ceremony. Nate is upset when he learns that Ricky knew he was planning to propose all along, but the pair agree to revisit it down the line. A bitter Charlotte watches in secret as the wedding ceremony begins. 

Thursday 17 March

Charlotte gatecrashes Zac and Leah’s wedding and proceeds to list all of the secrets that the guests are hiding. A drunken Irene slaps Chris when he tries to take her hip flask away from her. Hannah admits that she still has feelings for Andy, leaving Chris devastated. Kat finally finds evidence proving that Charlotte murdered Denny. 


Friday 18 March

Nate proposes to Ricky during the wedding reception and she says yes. Hunter tells Olivia that he is leaving town. The residents of Summer Bay are in shock at the news that Charlotte killed Denny, and when she herself is gunned down by a mysterious assailant, everybody is a suspect.