Home and Away: Billie finds Oscar’s motionless body, while Josh tells a horrified Andy that he should have let him die

7-11 March 2016: Plus Ricky is confused when she finds out that Nate is going to propose


Monday 7 March


While out searching for Oscar, Matt and Maddy are forced to take refuge from the storm in their car. Ricky accidentally finds out that Nate is planning to propose to her. Hunter is embarrassed when he touches Olivia’s scars by accident. Irene gives in to temptation and opens the bottle of vodka. 

Tuesday 8 March

Matt and Maddy are forced to sleep in the car and upon waking they share a charged moment, leading to a kiss. Irene feels guilty after attacking Leah for dirtying the baby blanket and finally tells her about the child that she had to give up. Oscar’s battered and bruised body is washed up on the beach. 

Wednesday 9 March

Oscar is brought home after Billie finds him and calls the police. Maddy tells Matt that she likes him but the pair agree that with Oscar just home after his ordeal, now is not the time to pursue it. The police are called when some hikers find the body of a female in her twenties, and Kat is hit by the awful thought that it could be Denny. 

Thursday 10 March

Phoebe breaks up with Ash after telling him that she does not want to be in a relationship where she always comes second. Josh is afraid that he will always be a burden and tells Andy that he should have let him die. Kat is overwhelmed with grief and confesses to Ash that she thinks Denny is dead. 


Friday 11 March

Phoebe spies Kat leaving Ash’s van after having spent the night. Olivia opens up and tells Hunter about her scars and the experiences which led her to cut herself. Andy tries to support Josh, who is struggling to accept the fact that he will no longer be able to go to university. After getting confirmation from Emerson, Kat tells a stunned Phoebe that Denny is dead.