Emmerdale: Sam Dingle is shot – by Joanie!

Lovable Sam to take a bullet in the coming weeks


Chanteuse Joanie Wright has hardly endeared herself to the Dingle clan so far, having shacked up with patriarch Zak over the festive season.


But it looks like Joanie will leave Emmerdale’s best-loved family even more aghast in the coming weeks when a poaching excursion goes badly wrong.

Scenes to be broadcast on Thursday 3 March will see Zak giving girlfriend Joanie a shooting lesson out in some nearby woods. But when Joanie fires the shotgun at a tree stump, she’s left frozen in horror when she hears a cry of pain.


Pretty soon, the pair of them have stumbled across an unconscious Sam, who’s taken a bullet. But just how bad are Sam’s injuries? And could Joanie end up bringing about his demise? Find out when the ITV soap shows the storyline next month…

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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