Hollyoaks: will Holly and Jason get married? Plus Lindsey prepares to kill again

22-26 February 2016: Plus Cindy and Dirk take a look at Dr S'Avage's laptop


Monday 22 February


It’s the day of Holly and Jason’s wedding and Holly is mortified when she wakes up in Robbie’s car – did something happen between them last night? Jason finds out that Holly didn’t go home last night and searches through her bag to check her phone, but he’s caught by Cindy. Cindy gives Jason some words of wisdom but is stunned when she sees Holly’s message to Robbie: “tell me I’m marrying the right brother”, just as Holly walks in.

Meanwhile, Robbie tells Freddie that he loves Holly. Freddie urges Robbie not to make the same mistake that he made with Joe and locks him in the garage office. Robbie spots a crowbar and makes his escape. He gets to Esther’s Magic Bean as Holly is about to go in and asks her to marry him instead…

Scott is desperately trying to get Diane out of the way so he can get Cindy’s wedding catering done without her knowing. James continues to flirt with Scott, but he has an ulterior motive. Diane is furious when she finds out that Scott has only charged £200 for all of the wedding food. Scott lets the cat out of the bag about The Hutch being in trouble.

Kim confronts Lindsey when she overhears that Pete was attacked last night. Lindsey has other problems when Joe finds out she has an ultrasound appointment – if he goes to the appointment, he’ll find out the baby isn’t his. 

Tuesday 23 February

Nico and Jade are confused about why Alfie doesn’t want to do the charity abseil. He’s too busy trying to resurrect the laptop that was found in the plumbing underneath the pub – Dr S’Avage’s laptop with Robbie’s love declaration to Holly and the identity of the Gloved Hand Killer buried inside! The teens are amazed when Alfie gets the laptop working and Nico is especially interested by one of the videos and sends it to her phone…

Robbie is waiting for an answer from Holly when Jason and Freddie come outside, wondering what’s going on. Holly tells Robbie she’s marrying Jason, but will she go through with it? Kim has invited Esther to the wedding as her date after she altered her dress for her. They start kissing but Kim is frustrated when Lindsey asks for her help with Joe. Jason receives an intriguing video message… 

Diane is alarmed at the thought of the business being in trouble. Tony tells her he was trying to protect her by not letting her know and Scott suggests they use the wedding as a way to promote their services.

Wednesday 24 February

Dirk has got his hands on Dr S’Avage’s laptop and Cindy tells him that the video of the hospital killer is on there. She finds the footage from Ashley Davidson’s hospital room just as Lindsey turns up. Lindsey pretends to have pregnancy pains as a distraction, but as Cindy leaves to take her to the hospital, she tells Dirk to carry on watching the video, much to Lindsey’s alarm.

Kim is worried when Lindsey is wheeled into the hospital. Lindsey tells her about the laptop and urges her to get it from Dirk. Freddie gets a flashback of the day Lindsey tried to kill him – does he remember?

Jade is trying to forget about her chemo session today and focuses her attention on the charity abseil instead. Alfie promises to put his vertigo aside and take part in the abseil if she’ll go to her chemo appointment. Cameron refuses to sign the form to let Peri take part in the charity abseil so Peri asks Ste instead. He agrees but hopes that Cameron doesn’t find out. Peri’s just about to do the abseil when Cameron arrives…

Thursday 25 February

Lindsey prepares a syringe to silence Freddie. Meanwhile, Alfie comes out of the school, ready to tackle the abseil. Jade has just completed hers. Alfie starts his descent but is humiliated when his trousers split revealing his childish underwear, then his glasses fall off and the wire gets stuck. Jade laughs but is in awe of his bravery and goes to chemo. Alfie shows her the funny video he’s uploaded of his abseil and reveals that it’s helped them raise over a grand! Alfie and Jade are swept up in the moment and have their first kiss. 

Friday 26 February


Cameron boils with anger when Peri goes to stay with Nico for the weekend. Alfie and Jade are both on cloud nine after their kiss, while Jack is upset when he mysteriously receives some flowers and a card – are they from Frankie?