Home and Away: Gavin is involved in a car accident, plus Jett returns to the Bay

15-19 February 2016: Plus Andy and Evelyn struggle to cope with Joshʼs heartbreaking situation


Monday 15 February


Ricky loses her cool when she sees Gavinʼs true colours and kicks him out. Evelyn finds it difficult to accept Joshʼs rejection of her, and Hannah is forced to physically steer her out of the room. Andy puts his heart on the line and tells Hannah that they cannot be friends because he is still in love with her… but will she admit her feelings too? 

Tuesday 16 February

Ricky is torn over whether to tell Nate that Gavin groped her, and when she finally admits what happened Nate tells Gavin that he never wants to see him again. Ash does his best to help Phoebe unwind as she continues to obsess about work. Charlotte refuses to continue helping Gunno now that he has no proof that she killed Denny. Meanwhile, Kat and Emerson try to connect Charlotte to Trystanʼs death. 

Wednesday 17 February

Kat interrogates Charlotte about visiting Gunno in prison, but her cover story is strong and she refuses to budge. VJ sees that Olivia has scars on her thighs and offers to be there for her if she wants to talk but she storms off, embarrassed and angry. When Gavin is brought into hospital after a car accident, Ricky encourages him to forgive his father. 

Thursday 18 February

Olivia confides in Irene that she was abused by a friend of her uncle James. Jett returns to the Bay to keep John company while Marilyn is away, but John suspects that Jett is keeping something from him. Maddy is visibly upset when Matt explains that he is going to get over her by hooking up with as many girls as he can, leaving him confused. 


Friday 19 February

Oliviaʼs secret brings back painful memories for Irene. Jettʼs new girlfriend Skye turns up for dinner and the pair explain that they have been together for a while, but John cannot help but think that something strange is going on. Andy brings Josh home from hospital and helps him with speech exercises, but his first words are tinged with sadness.