Emmerdale: Aaron to tell Chas about Gordon’s sexual abuse, reveals Danny Miller

"He's fearful of Gordon and what he might do. Aaron's in a very dark place, but his mum needs to know about the type of man she's dealing with"


A traumatised Aaron Livesy will finally open up to Chas and tell her that he was raped as a child by his father Gordon.


Emotional scenes to be broadcast next week will see Aaron telling the dark truth to his mum after they spend the day together at the coast.

“It was horrible to have to say those words,” admits actor Danny Miller, “but it was one of my favourite filming days at Emmerdale. We’re all very happy with the way the scene panned out and if it encourages people who have suffered this kind of sexual abuse to speak out, then job done.”

Viewers have already seen Aaron offload to one-time lover Robert Sugden, who he then swore to secrecy. But troubled Aaron will choose to also confide in Chas after witnessing how close she’s become to Gordon.

“If Gordon hadn’t come back to the village, then Aaron probably wouldn’t have said anything. Because he knows that as soon as he says those words, then people will start to look at him differently. He would never want that kind of attention.

“But he’s fearful of Gordon and what he might do. Aaron’s in a very dark place, but he feels that his mum needs to know about the type of man she’s dealing with.”

So what reaction does Aaron get from Chas once he unburdens himself? “It’s utter shock. But Chas knows Aaron better than anyone, so she realises that he’s not lying. Her immediate instinct is to look after Aaron and tell him that she’ll get it sorted.

“So it’s a big relief for Aaron – all he needed was for his mum to be on board. He was so fearful of being rejected.”

Since debuting on the ITV soap, Miller has seen his character feature in a number of emotive, high-profile storylines, most notably Aaron coming out as gay and the subsequent right-to-die plotline involving on-screen love interest Jackson Walsh.

And the 25-year-old actor is hopeful that Aaron’s latest drama will also attract attention. “We’re not doing this to chase viewers or to give Aaron more misery. It’s a storyline that makes sense and explains who Aaron is. The reason why he’s so angry has now been revealed and he has support.

“I’m hoping that it raises awareness about sexual assault. It’s a hard topic and something that people might find difficult to comprehend. But it does happen and I hope that fans invest in it.”

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