Hollyoaks: Holly and Robbie get passionate, while Cindy gets herself a lawyer

11-15 January 2016: Plus Harry is arrested for assaulting Pete and a Mr and Mrs competition is held at The Dog


Monday 11 January


Ben doesn’t believe Darren’s story about why the tiepin was in his boot. Nico tells Maxine that Darren is being questioned.

Harry notices something is troubling Cleo. She brushes it off but later goes to see Pete. Pete tells her his bail house is just around the corner.

Tony tells Alfie he’s seen the DNA results and thinks that he’s his father.  

Tuesday 12 January

Cindy pours her heart out to Tony but he’s got Alfie on his mind. A good-looking man named James overhears her conversation about Mac and introduces himself as her new lawyer and fairy godfather. Mac decides to revamp The Dog but he and Nathan can’t find any builders who are free. Pete approaches Nathan about the building job but Nathan turns him down. Meanwhile, Cindy demands half of what Mac has.

Tony tells Alfie that he doesn’t want anything to do with him. Jade consoles Alfie and he begins to see Jade in a new light. Meanwhile, Tony is sad about his broken relationships with Harry and Alfie.

Things get steamy for Holly and Robbie in The Loft office and Holly suggests they go to a hotel together tomorrow.

Pete sidles up to Cleo again but Harry steps in to reassure Cleo she’s not on her own.

Wednesday 13 January

Jason offers to go with Holly to a university open day but she tries to get out of it. She lets slip to Harry about her affair with Robbie.

Unable to get out of spending time with his twin, Robbie and Jason head to the HCC open day where Jason tries to set his brother up with Ellie. She’s not interested and tells him about one of her exes who cloned her phone. Robbie leaves to meet Holly in the hotel. They decide to smoke some weed but Holly begins to feel sick and they set the smoke alarm off.

Elsewhere, Jason gets a call at the station about suspected cannabis possession at the hotel. With the smoke alarm now silent, Holly and Robbie begin to kiss passionately until they are interrupted again – but this time it’s the police…

Leela and Cameron, Ste and Harry are all loved up and ready to compete in the Mr and Mrs Competition at The Dog.

Pete tries again to persuade Nathan to give him a job but Nathan isn’t backing down so he rips The Dog’s guttering away from the wall. With the guttering causing a leak, Nathan has no choice but to ring Pete. Cleo is shocked when she sees Pete working at The Dog and Harry is furious.

Harry and Cleo tell Jason that Pete is working in The Dog but there’s nothing the police can do, so Harry takes matters into his own hands… Later, Nathan is shocked to hear that Harry pushed Pete off the ladder while he was fixing the guttering. Meanwhile, Cindy is serving pints behind the bar believing half of the pub is rightfully hers.

Thursday 14 January

Robbie and Holly try to escape before the police, and Jason, catch them. 

Jason arrests Harry for assault and Tony blames Ste for leading Harry astray. Elsewhere, Nathan takes home-made biscuits round to the McQueens’ as an apology to Cleo but he lets it slip about Harry’s arrest. Cleo confronts Pete, who is in hospital, but he tries to charm her.

Cindy overhears Ellie threatening to go to the police with the fake annulment papers. Ellie catches her rummaging around The Dog flat and taunts Cindy with the papers. Cindy chases Ellie to The Dog patio and, in a comical sequence of events, finally gets her hands on the papers. Cindy goes to meet James to tell him she wants to drop the case against Mac – Ste and Harry are confused as they can tell James is gay although he’s trying to charm Cindy – what’s his game?

Tegan starts to become suspicious of Cameron.

Friday 15 January

Pete asks Cleo for money. She confides in Nathan who purposely leaves The Dog till open for her to help herself. Cleo visits Pete but it looks like he’s succeeding in winning her back round.

Cameron is nervous about the Mr and Mrs competition but Peri has a plan. At the contest, Harry flies through the Team Starry questions, while Cameron is getting his answers from Peri through an ear-piece. However, Peri drops the spy-kit in the river outside The Dog when Alfie taps her on the shoulder and Cameron has to answer the final question on his own.


Tony suggests that he and Alfie should re-do the DNA test.