EastEnders: Vincent to kill Phil in deadly revenge plot?

Will the feud between the Hubbards and the Mitchells take a fatal twist tonight?


A vengeful Vincent Hubbard (Richard Blackwood) will plot to kill Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) during this evening’s tense episode of EastEnders.


Fans of the BBC1 soap have recently seen a drunken Phil kidnap Vincent’s daughter Pearl, only to later reveal that Honey had been looking after her all the time.

On the surface, it now seems like the feud between the two families has been sorted out, what with Phil having revealed that Vincent’s dad was not murdered by the Mitchells.

But a fuming Vincent is not about to forgive and forget that easily and will tonight come up with a deadly plan to end the animosity once and for all.

After paying Phil a visit at No 55 Victoria Road, ostensibly to put past grievances behind them, Vincent then sneaks up behind the Walford hard man with a cord in his hands. Is Phil about to breathe his last?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of Christmas and New Year on EastEnders below.


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