Danny Dyer had to get medical help after EastEnders wedding stunt

The actor - who plays Mick Carter on the BBC1 soap - needed his ears syringed after lakeside plunge

Actor Danny Dyer has admitted that he put himself in danger during tense EastEnders scenes to be shown on New Year’s Day that see his character Mick Carter fighting rapist brother Dean Wicks in a lake.


“I did do my own stunts. We used the underwater stage at Pinewood Studios, so we were doing it properly. But I was fighting for my life in real life because I couldn’t find the surface,” said Dyer.

The showdown comes as Dean wreaks revenge on Mick’s wedding day, plunging both himself, the groom and mum Shirley into mortal peril in the process. 

“It’s a big, epic battle between Mick and Dean, but it’s also a sad, sad story,” continued the actor. “It could have been so different between the two brothers, but it’s become madness.”

And thanks to the intensity of the fight scenes, Dyer himself was in need of medical help following the sibling stand-off. “Yes, I had to get my earhole syringed. There was a lot of lake in there! So that was a strange feeling. But you have to commit to these stories and the stunts. We’re all committed. We’re all obsessed with EastEnders.”

The plotline looks set to be a major turning point in the affairs of the Carter clan, especially where Dean is concerned, who has so far remained unpunished after raping Linda back in 2014.

But Dyer believes that such long-running plotlines are vital if the BBC1 soap is to accurately reflect reality. “People were saying that the whole Dean thing has been dragging on and asking why he hasn’t been arrested.

“But this happens in real life. People are raped by people they know and they walk the streets afterwards. It actually happens. And OK, so he’s my brother and my sister’s my mum and my dad’s my granddad. There are a lot of layers!

“But the stuff here on the wedding day takes things to another level. It’s such a powerful show and I’m proud to be a part of it. I know there’s sometimes a stigma towards soaps, but I don’t care what anyone says. This is high-class television.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of Christmas and New Year on EastEnders below.


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