Coronation Street: Jennie McAlpine on Tyrone’s romantic Christmas Day proposal for Fiz – will she agree to get married?

Lapland comes to Weatherfield in romantic scenes to be broadcast later this month

Tyrone is really bringing Christmas to Corrie this year with a Lapland event in Weatherfield. But little do those closest to him know that he’s spiralling further into massive debt. 


As Hope continues her cancer treatment, Ty vows to let nothing get in the way of her dream of seeing Lapland. And in this year’s Christmas Day visit to Coronation Street, he makes sure that Santa makes a special stop-off on the Street. But what would Fiz think if she knew about Tyrone’s financial troubles?

And how will she feel when Tyrone drops down to one knee and proposes marriage?! Here, Jennie McAlpine reveals all about Fiz and Tyrone’s 2015 Christmas…

So, how is Fiz coping with Hope’s illness?
She’s just trying to make everything as normal as possible for Hope. It’s so difficult for her and she’s trying to be strong for everybody. With Christmas just round the corner, she’s determined to try and make it a lovely time for all of them.

How would she feel if she knew how much financial trouble Tyrone is in?
She’d be devastated – she thinks they share everything. So that’s what would hurt her the most – the fact that he’s not felt able to confide in her.

How well is their relationship bearing up?
After the initial problems that the strain of Hope’s illness put on them. they have become very strong as a unit. A child’s illness can put a terrible strain on a family, but Fiz believes now they’re past that and is blissfully unaware of the torment Tyrone is going through.

So how do Fiz and Tyrone react as Hope develops another infection?
They’re devastated. She seemed to be doing so well and when they’re told she might not be able to come home for Christmas, that’s just awful for them.

Does Fiz know that Tyrone ups the plans for the Lapland project?
She’s aware that he is planning something very special, but there is no way she could imagine exactly what he has up his sleeve. She thinks he’s called in favours from friends and family, which to some degree he has, but she has no idea that he’s actually paid for quite a lot of it, or owes people for a lot of it.

Why is he acting so obliviously – is it his coping mechanism?
He just wants to make everything perfect and then he thinks he’ll worry about it after Christmas. For now, he’s just focused on having the most memorable Christmas. He’s burying his head in the sand a bit and he’s possibly lost track of just how much he owes.

So how does the Lapland project turn out – how does Fiz feel to see it?
The Street looks absolutely incredible – he really has brought Lapland to Weatherfield or rather our amazing design team have. It is just so magical and it even felt colder on the Street than anywhere else. There are Christmas trees, pantomime reindeer, Santa, elves, snow, giant presents, a carousel. It was like being in Lapland. The children involved in the scenes were very excited, but so were the adults!

Are you used to having Christmas so early and doing it twice now?
It’s always strange to film Christmas in October and it was warm too, so that felt strange. We have had a bit of a gap now since filming it, so it is nice to get excited about the real Christmas. And of course it is lovely to be involved in the Corrie Christmas Day episode. it’s such a happy, uplifting episode, with a good bit of drama thrown in.

What’s Tyrone’s reaction when Fiz proposes – has she been expecting it?
No, she wasn’t expecting it at all and the way it happens is brilliant. There’ll be a lot of men out there who’ll wish they had thought of doing it that way! Fiz isn’t expecting it at all with everything they’ve been going through. She’s told Tyrone not to get her a present, but she’s a bit sad when he appears to take her literally. But she’s no idea what he’s planned.

Is it the right time for them to be getting married?
It’s a lovely thing for Tyrone to do and they aren’t planning to have the actual wedding any time soon, as money is still tight. Fiz, of course, doesn’t know how tight.

Would you like a wedding for Fiz?
I’d love to see Fiz get married to Tyrone, but she’s sure to find out about the money soon, so a happy ending is not on the cards for the time being.

How do you think she’d react if she found out about their money worries?
Well, it’s the betrayal, really. She already knew about him not cancelling Lapland and having to shell out for that. To discover he’s carried on spending and on things they could have done without will be a real blow to her and will make her question their relationship.

For now, though, what with the wedding and Hope being home for Christmas, does it feel like 2016 will be better than the last part of 2015 has been?
For now, things are looking a lot brighter. Hope is responding well to treatment and she’s engaged to Tyrone. But this is soap and problems are just around the corner! 

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