Emmerdale: shock murder pact sees Andy agree to kill Pete – but will he do it?

"Andy has agreed knowing full well what it means," says actor Kelvin Fletcher

Emmerdale pulled off a neat twist tonight when not one but TWO villagers were implicated in the shooting of Robert Sugden.


A special ‘rewind’ episode saw Andy Sugden and Ross Barton conspire to commit the crime thanks to a bit of Strangers on a Train-style sleight of hand.

Surprise scenes saw Ross agree to put a bullet in Robert, but only if Andy agreed to bump off Ross’s brother Pete. And with Ross having now pulled the trigger, it’s up to Andy to fulfil his side of the bargain – but will he go through with it?

“You can see the dilemma that Andy’s in,” says actor Kelvin Fletcher. “Pete is a good bloke and Andy was an usher at his wedding. Let’s not forget that Andy’s heart is good – he’s a genuinely sensitive person, but he’s in a dark place regarding Robert. And Ross has manipulated Andy’s emotions to to get him to agree. But Andy has agreed knowing full well what it means.”

All of which begs the question: if Ross was taken out of the equation and Andy had that gun in his hand, would he have opened fire? “No, I don’t think he would,” continues Fletcher. “Robert is his brother, who he still loves, really. And Andy isn’t a dark character like Ross, which is good as it shows that there’s balance to the show. We’re all different.”

Of course, now that viewers know about the murder pact, fresh light will inevitably be shone on recent past events, such as the motorbike scrambling day that saw Pete almost lose his life while in the company of Andy.

Andy may not have had the will to kill Robert, but it still seems that Pete’s future remains in the balance. However, if Andy does end up doing away with Pete, then surely there’s no road back? Andy will inevitably have to face soap justice, so does Fletcher worry that such a plotline will bring his time on the show to an end?

“My philosophy on life is that you can’t waste time worrying about things that aren’t in your control. It might mean that your days are numbered, but storylines like this are an opportunity to showcase what little talent you may have. And, as an actor, that’s what you strive for.

“I don’t spend any time worrying. And that’s not because I’m ignorant. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen.”

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