Coronation Street: Gary accuses Aidan of sleeping with Alya, reveals Mikey North

But will Jason step up and admit that it was actually him?

Gary Windass is to be left in a state of emotional turmoil next week when wife to be Alya Nazir reveals that she cheated on him.


“He’s absolutely blown out of the water. Gary is left reeling, he’s so shocked,” says actor Mikey North. “Never for one second has he ever suspected Alya has even looked at another man. It’s the last thing he expected her to have told him. He’s absolutely devastated and demands to know who she had sex with.”

A panicky Alya decides to come clean about her infidelity after realising that her marriage will not work if such a big secret is hanging over her head. But Alya’s failure to name Jason as the guilty man results in Gary leaping to an erroneous conclusion.

“Gary’s so angry because Alya won’t tell him who she slept with. So he’s racking his brains trying to work it out. He then sees Alya on Maxine’s bench and because she’s visibly upset, Aidan has sat down with her and is comforting her.Gary witnesses this and sees red, putting two and two together and making five.”

Lashing out Gary accuses Aidan of sleeping with Alya. But as the abuse flies, will Jason step up and admit it was him? And how would Gary react if Jason – the man he’s asked to be his best man – told the truth?

Says North: “To find out that Alya had not only done what she did, but also with his best friend who Gary had just asked to be his best man would absolutely devastate him. I don’t think he’d be able to cope with that at all.

“Gary idolises Alya but for him this is the ultimate betrayal, especially with them being engaged and her being so keen to marry him in recent weeks. For him, it’s unforgivable. He feels humiliated and stupid.”

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