Hollyoaks star Nikki Sanderson on Maxine’s decision to help Patrick die – “She doesn’t want to see him in pain”

The actress also reveals how she feels about the upcoming exit of co-star Jeremy Sheffield


Nikki Sanderson has been talking to RadioTimes.com about the fallout from Patrick’s request for Maxine to help him die.


Patrick – who is suffering with Motor Neurone Disease – was seen asking for his ex-wife’s help in scenes shown last night on the Channel 4 soap.

“Maxine will feel conflicted,” said the actress. “She doesn’t want to see Patrick in pain, even though he caused her immense pain in the past. It’s a huge thing for Maxine to think about and possibly do.”

Regular Hollyoaks viewers know that violent Patrick put Maxine through physical and mental torment during their relationship and even tried to part her from their daughter Minnie.

So this latest turn of events is bound to be emotional for her. Said Sanderson, “I’m someone who believes that everyone has their choice and their right to do whatever they want, regardless of the subject matter. Be it what you wear, how you are, who you speak to. Life is about choices and how you make them.

“When it’s Motor Neurone Disease, the capability to make the choice is taken away because of the nature of the condition. When someone is in that amount of agonising pain, they may feel that the only way for them is to get out. But Patrick can’t do it on his own and has to now try and convince Maxine to do it for him.

“But is it fair on her? She has to live on after he’s gone, knowing how his death happened. Is it something I would do in real life? I don’t know because I’m not in that situation. But for Maxine, it’s a case of helping the man she once loved and the father of her child out of pain and misery – and then knowing she did that. Or refusing point blank and seeing him suffer. She’s in a bad situation.”

The hard-hitting storyline will eventually lead to the departure of Jeremy Sheffield, who has been playing the manipulative Patrick since November 2012. Speaking about the upcoming exit of her co-star, Sanderson added: 


“I’ll be gutted. Devastated. He’s fantastic to work with – we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve annoyed each other, but I can honestly say that I love that man. It’s been a great on-screen relationship.”